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Not everyone is born with the ideal body that they want; it is human nature for you to want more. So when news about affordable Thailand breast implants came travelling fast, almost all Australian women who dream of having larger breasts became interested. Not only will they have a vacation in one of the well-known tourist spots in Asia, but they will also sport bigger boobs when they return home.


Thailand breast implants: Why Thailand?

When we speak of medical tourism, there is no doubt that Thailand is part of the list. In fact, Thailand is one of the top 5 countries with worldwide popularity in medical tourism. But why Thailand?

Thai doctors claim to be experts. Cosmetic clinics and hospitals in Thailand advertise that their plastic surgeons studied and practiced cosmetic surgery procedures in other countries like the US, UK, Canada, and even Australia, so they can claim that their expertise is reputable.


Thailand breast implants are cheap. This fact is probably the main reason why Australians are getting hooked by the idea of getting Thailand breast implants. Because we all know how costly getting breast augmentation is in Australia, many women at home are willing to go abroad just to get their body enhancements for half the price.


Thailand offers exotic scenic views and beaches. It is no surprise that marketing medical tourism in Thailand is very easy. Visiting a tourist destination best known for its pristine beaches and cultural heritage is a very nice bonus to their highly sought-after and affordable cosmetic procedures. Talk about a perfect holiday, right?


Thailand breast implants: What to consider before going abroad

Here are some reminders when choosing to go outside of the country to get your cosmetic surgery done (like Thailand breast augmentation).

Know your doctor and the hospital/clinic. Be sure that when you go abroad, the medical institution you wish to have your cosmetic surgery is recognised by the Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the most well-known non-profit patient safety organisations. Their accreditation to JCI gives you the assurance that best practices in quality services and patient safety are established.



Know the quality of the materials used. There are many breast implant manufacturers in the world that have varying price tags and quality. Using cheap and substandard Thailand breast implants may be one of the ways other medical practitioners can offer breast augmentation at a lower price. Your plastic surgeon should be using high-quality and branded breast implants so you can be sure of the overall quality of the procedure and material.


Inquire about your treatment package inclusions. One of the reasons why you wanted to get your breast augmentation done in a foreign country is because of their being inexpensive, right? So it is but essential for you to know what is included and what is not in your treatment package. This would make it easier and more convenient for you to plan out your expenses for the trip.

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