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Women with under-developed or small breasts need not worry about feeling embarrassed and inferior about how their breasts look. Cosmetic surgery advancements are continuously improving, and the techniques and materials used for every procedure are getting better and better every day. Let us discover another cosmetic improvement in breast augmentation, the use of teardrop breast implants. Let us find out its composition, benefits, and difference from the traditional round-shaped breast implants.


Teardrop breast implants: What is it made of?


While manufacturers of the well-known round breast implants make them either with saline solution or silicone gel, teardrop breast implants are mostly made with medical-grade silicone gel, directly mimicking the anatomic shape and feel of a woman’s natural breasts. With its upper part a bit thinner and narrower than the lower base, it creates a gradual slope and fullness to your breasts. Plastic surgeons recommend this type of breast implant to women who have very little breast tissue that want to achieve a natural-looking fullness for their breasts. Commonly used teardrop breast implants are from manufacturers like Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra.



Teardrop breast implants: What’s their difference from round implants?


Aside from the composition, there are many differences known between round and teardrop breast implants.

The look. Round breast implants make your breasts look fuller and your breast cleavage more emphasised. But if you want a shapelier improvement of your breasts that looks natural and subtle, teardrop breast implants might actually suit your needs.


The feel. Surgeons claim that teardrop breast implants are firmer to the touch than the round ones. Since the fullness achieved from the teardrop variety focuses on the lower base of the implant, gravity allows the silicone filling to concentrate and feel firm on your breasts.


The placement. Teardrop breast implants can only be inserted surgically into the breasts using the inframammary breast augmentation incision. This incision is located below the breast along the breast crease. Other incision sites such as periareolar, transaxillary, and transumbilical incisions cannot accommodate the anatomic shape of these implants, making it difficult to manipulate and position the implants properly.

Furthermore, while rotation of round breast implants will not affect its look, a slight movement of teardrop breast implants can actually make the breasts look deformed or misshapen. That is the reason why most teardrop implants are textured so that it can maintain its hold and position inside the breast pocket to prevent distorting the look of your breasts.


The cost. Between the two, the teardrop breast implants tend to cost more than the round ones. It is best to discuss this detail with your plastic surgeon so he can give you options on how to save or spend wisely for your procedure without discounting the quality of the results.


Choosing the best type of breast implants you want to use depends on your needs and your surgeon’s expertise. Allow your surgeon to look at pictures of how you want your breasts to look like, and open your mind to his suggestions on what type of breast implants would suit you best. Remember the importance of body proportion to your breast enhancement. Only your plastic surgeon can ensure the proportioned improvement of your breasts so that both of you can avoid unwanted complications after the surgery.



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