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The concept of beauty nowadays is, unfortunately, becoming more and more superficial. Many people try their very best to look for ways to improve even the smallest flaw they have on their bodies to finally consider themselves as attractive. However, there are also some who need to undergo plastic surgery procedures for them to feel normal again after going through some life-changing events. One of the surgical procedures most women want to undergo is breast augmentation. Here, let us discover what affects breast implants before and after the surgery so you would know what to expect all throughout your beauty enhancement experience.



Breast implants before and after: Know your implants

Now that breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the world, many foreign and local manufacturers are offering different breast implants. Depending on the size, shape, filling, or texture, there is undoubtedly a breast implant that can satisfy your wants and needs. Well-known breast implant manufacturers like Allergan, Mentor, Motiva, and Sientra swear by their products to deliver lasting and satisfying results. In Australia, these brands are well-accepted because the strict safety standards of the Australian government limit the availability of implants to those only approved by the FDA.


Breast implants before and after: Know your needs and preference

You, as a patient, should know why you want to have breast augmentation. Sometimes, we want to enhance the size of our breasts for aesthetic purposes. We feel better about ourselves. It boosts our confidence and makes us relate better with other people if we see ourselves as beautiful and appealing. There are also people who went through tough times in their lives that affected the look and function of their breasts, that having their breasts augmented and improved will give them a sense of normalcy. Knowing what you truly want and knowing why you want to undergo the procedure is essential so that you would see how the procedure would go about and what to expect as the results of such operation.


Breast implants before and after: Know the procedure and technique

Based on the discussion you made with your plastic surgeon about your needs and preference, it is his job to present options on how to perform the best breast augmentation procedure and technique that would suit your need. He would introduce particular sizes and shapes of breast implants that would fit or are proportioned to your body build. He can also suggest ways on how he would go about the operation, while giving you the pros and cons of each option, to make you come up with a specific technique, breast implant type, and procedure that you and your surgeon would agree can satisfy your breast requirements.


Breast implants before and after: Know the outcome

Of course, there will always be risks or complications present in any surgical operation. It is through your plastic surgeon’s expertise, your deep understanding of the procedure, and your strict compliance with the dos and don’ts of your surgeon that these unwanted situations can be avoided. However, it is also essential that you know what untoward scenarios could happen so you can plan ahead just in case it occurs. Breast implant manufacturers include capsular contracture, implant removal or displacement, rupture, and revision surgery as some of the most common complications or risks that they encounter with breast implants. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon so you would know his plans with regard to each unwanted scenarios.

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